Payroll projects

A modern and convenient way to pay salaries to the card
Payroll projects

"Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN" offers its clients salary projects for non-cash transfer of wages to personal accounts of employees of the enterprise.

A salary project is a modern and convenient way to transfer salaries to an employee's card. It will reduce the burden on the accountant, reduce paperwork and the cost of storage, transportation and cash withdrawal.


Fast enrollment

Employees will receive a salary on the card in just 10 minutes

In any region

Salary transfer by a single register and issue of cards in any region

Without visiting the bank

Employees will receive cards directly in their office or at the production site

How to connect a salary project


Contact the office where legal entities and individual entrepreneurs are served


Coordinate with the specialist the parameters of the salary project: types of cards and terms of their issue, tariff plans, etc.


Prepare and submit the required documents


After checking the documents, bank employees will draw up an agreement and additional agreements to be signed


The bank will open a payroll project account for the company to receive money and an individual account with a linked card for each employee. Sometimes the conditions of the project allow you to transfer salaries to the cards of other financial institutions


It remains only to issue plastic cards to employees to receive wages (at the place of work or at a bank branch)

No fees

  • Opening a salary project;
  • Issue and delivery of cards;
  • Salary transfer;
  • Employees will receive the cards directly in their office or at the production site.

For more detailed information and conclusion of an agreement on the Salary Project, please call +996 (312) 61 48 56