Bank guarantee

Bank guarantee

Bank guarantee - an irrevocable, written obligation of the Bank to make a payment of a certain amount to the recipient under the guarantee upon presenting them with a demand for payment in accordance with the terms of the guarantee. 

Characteristics of our bank guarantees

Be sure to pay attention to the following characteristics:

Main types of bank guarantees:
  • Offer guarantee (tender guarantee),
  • Money back guarantee,
  • Performance guarantee,
  • Payment guarantee,
  • Counter guarantee.
Documents, required for getting bank guarantee:
  • Letter from a person requesting a bank guarantee (Principal);
  • Petition;
  • Application for a bank guarantee;
  • Model Questionnaire;
  • Charter (notarized-1) and 1 copy;
  • Memorandum of Association (notarized-1) and 1 copy;
  • Signature samples (notarized);
  • Balance sheet as of the reporting date, as of January 1 of the current year and as of January 1 of the last year, with annexes;
  • Breakdown of receivables and payables on the balance sheet;
  • Certificate of registration of the statistical body (copy);
  • Certificate of registration from the Ministry of Justice (copy);
  • Certificate from the tax office on debts;
  • Help with social fund about debts;
  • Information about your activities;
  • Availability of a settlement (currency or som) account with the GMO of the "Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN";
  • Minutes of the meeting of the founders (To receive a bank guarantee, indicating the collateral and amount);
  • Decision of the Board of Directors and the Management Board;
  • Proof of ownership;
  • Act of inventory of fixed assets at the time of privatization;
  • Extract from the register of shareholders;
  • Reference for collateral from BTI.

* Dear clients, if you encounter illegal actions or unreasonable requests from the Bank's employees when reviewing applications or issuing loans, we ask you to report such cases to the Bank's Contact Center at 0 312 61-33-33 or WhatsApp +996 556 61-33 -33.

All such cases will be considered personally by the Bank's management.