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Money transfers

We offer a wide range of money transfer systems without opening an account

Do you need to send money to friends, family and friends? You do not know how to transfer money to any other place in the world? Are you looking for the most reliable and prompt bank to transfer money abroad? Are you interested in sending the money and where money orders are issued?

OJSC "Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN" creates the most comfortable conditions of service for customers and helps to transfer money as soon as possible and guarantees safety and speed in transferring of your money.


  • ease of processing a money transfer (the necessary documents are filled in by our employee);
  • speed of money transfer delivery within 15 minutes;
  • transfers around the world;
  • to clients of OJSC "Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN" more than 48 branches in total;
  • money transfer in foreign currency: rubles, US dollars, euros, tenge, soms;
  • absolute reliability and safety.


Where and how can I receive a money transfer?

How can I send a money transfer within Kyrgyzstan?

What should I do if the person to whom I sent the transfer by number is not connected to MBANK?

Can I give the control number to a third party so that they can receive the money instead of me?

What is a transfer control code?