Opening an account for individuals

Opening an account for individuals

We offer clients to open a bank account in soms or foreign currency and use a range of services for cash management services for individuals.

Benefits of an account with our Bank:


All types of settlement and cash services for individuals are provided at a favorable tariff scale


Account maintenance is free


No minimum account balance required


Services for the account holder within the framework of settlement and cash services:

  • Crediting to the account of funds received by bank transfer
  • Transfer (transfer) of funds from the account

Cash transactions

  • Receiving and issuing funds
  • Counting and checking banknotes
  • Conversion and currency exchange operations
  • Purchase and sale of cash foreign currency at the rate of the bank with crediting funds to the account
  • Informing about account transactions - SMS notification

You can find the tariffs for settlement and cash services HERE

*The Bank reserves the right, in agreement with the client, to set an individual exchange rate for clients, different from the officially established one, depending on the volume of conversion transactions and depending on other factors, such as, for example, changes in market conditions, in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic .